“I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall,
Like the holy scriptures of the shopping mall”
– Green Day, Jesus of Suburbia

This lyric captures the purpose of this blog: exploring the ways in which religion is deeply embedded in contemporary society – often in unexpected ways!

Aled J. Ll. Thomas, PhD

I have recently completed my doctorate in the Study of Religions at the Open University. My thesis concerns the Scientologist practice of ‘auditing’ in the Free Zone, an umbrella term for Scientologists that practise Scientology outside the institutional Church of Scientology. I also hold an MA in the Study of Religions from the University of Wales: Trinity Saint David, and have presented papers on my research at conferences in America, Europe, and across the UK.

I am fascinated by the role religion plays in contemporary society, and am passionate about the academic and non-confessional study of religions. Beyond my academic interests, I love cats, music, literature, The Legend of Zelda, and coffee by the gallon.

Twitter: @AledJLlThomas
Academia: AledThomas
Email: aled.thomas@open.ac.uk