Welcome to the Mall

Welcome to what will hopefully become a thriving blog in the weeks and months to come. Having recently completed my PhD, I have created this blog with two goals in mind. Firstly, it could prove to be a useful way to discuss my research in ‘blurbish’ and bitesize formats alongside my published work. Secondly, and most importantly, I hope that this blog could facilitate valuable conversations revolving around the topic of religion in contempoary society, and help bring these conversations outside of the academy and towards the wider public.

If you are a scholar, student, or interested in understanding the role of religion in the modern world, and the ways in which it offers an avenue through which contemporary issues can be explored (including climate change, popular media, politics, neo-liberalism – to name but a few!), then do stick around. Good things are coming.

Peace and love,


I read the graffiti in the bathroom stall,

Like the holy scriptures of the shopping mall

Jesus of Suburbia – Green Day

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